Patch Notes: Beta v1.0

The Beta for Second Wave on PC and Xbox Series X and S (Insider's Program) has begun, and with it comes a mountain of changes from the Alpha version of the game.


10 月 4, 2023

Challengers Games

Patch 1.1 Notes

Thank you for participating in the Second Wave Beta! In this beta, we are introducing new Heroes, Game Modes, major out-of-game systems, and a variety of other features.

Please remember that everything in the beta is still in development! Just as we did during Alpha, we will continue to develop the game by listening to your valuable feedback during the Beta. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to interacting with you and making Second Wave even better!

For now, enjoy the beta!

New Heroes


Meet Jemma, the adorable long-range DPS. She’s an adolescent girl armed with an Arcane Rocket Cannon. She can jump higher than a rabbit and is as strong as a brown bear. She hates spinach and loves bunnies! She wants to become the Animal Sheriff of Swarije. Her favorite animal in the world is her pet bunny, Clover. She may be pocket-sized, but don’t underestimate Jemma. She can carry artillery that weighs more than you or me, and she can leap six meters into the air. Whatever the crisis, she’s ready to rise to the challenge and run like a rabbit. Show your enemies who’s boss with the power of the cute and terrifying Arcane Cannon.



 • [Peanut Mode] Shoot in a straight line and fire a cannonball that deals Physical Damage to a single target.
 • [Watermelon Mode] Shoot in a wide arc and fire a cannon that deals Physical Damage in to nearby targets.




在 [砰砰模式] 和 [咻咻模式] 之間切換。






Masked, self-proclaimed explosives artist, bomb-loving psychopath Jack joins us as a goal-shooting companion. Hobby: Imagining landmarks around the world exploding. His specialty: making “cute” bombs to make it happen. To him, bombs are toys and explosions are a rush. He gets a thrill from those pyrotechnic moments when enemy blood splashes everywhere. So don’t pick up any of the dolls he throws because they’re cute – they’re gas bombs disguised as dolls, and they can be deadly. Like Hansel’s loaf of bread, Jack’s bombs don’t just go off when he hits the detonator – they go off all at once! When you see Jack, be prepared. You could be the target of one of Jack’s powerful bombs, including grenades, sticky bombs, and flaming flasks.


ASG 發射器





Jack throws a Sticky Bomb. If it hits an enemy or monster directly, it detonates, but if it hits the ground or a wall, it sticks to that location. Bombs can be detonated with the Detonator, and if it is in the explosive range of a Sticky Bomb, Flame Flask, and/or Gas Bomb, it will explode along with it.
When detonated, it deals Magic Damage within its blast range. Enemies can attack the Sticky Bomb to destroy it. Can use up to 3 charges.




Jack throws a Gas Bomb. If it hits an enemy or monster directly, it will explode, but if it hits the ground or a wall, it will be pinned to that location. Bombs can be detonated with the Detonator, and if it is in the blast range of a Flame Flask, it will explode along with it.
They explode dealing Magic Damage, and if any of Jack's other bombs are within range of the smoke gas remaining after the explosion, the Gas Bomb will detonate a second time for Additional Magic Damage. Enemies can attack the Gas Bombs to destroy them. Can use up to 2 charges.


The mysterious Pierrot behind the red circus tent! Spade Four, the ‘offensive supporter’, has joined the party. Likes: Performing card tricks for a rabbit audience. Dislikes: Toughness and stubbornness. The circus troublemaker, don’t tell Spade Four! Hates interference and will turn you into a rabbit. Spade Four is hard to catch, bouncing in the air with the jump pad or floating around in a giant balloon. Annoy Spade Four and fireworks will be thrown at you. Your hair will go up in flames! Make Spade Four your ally and wreak havoc on your enemies with sneaky attacks.
空中飛燕 / 氣球騎手





Throw a hat that turns enemies into Bunnies.


Place a jack in the box down. When an enemy approaches the box, it will open and a bunny will jump out.
The bunny deals Magic Damage to nearby enemies when it jumps out, and Movement Speed Reduction to enemies who remain in the box's area afterward. Inflicts Stun on enemies that remain in the area.






The meticulously methodical Fighter. The ace of the Les Dimas Adventurers’ Guild! The icy, poker-faced Jeremy has entered the battle. Jeremy’s magic is infused with the power of Winter, which is why his eyes are frosty and his words are cold, but his heart is as warm as the coffee he drinks every morning! He’s become something of a Tsundere, ready to clean up the mess left by his colleague Amelda. If you become his ally, you’ll be protected by his “Ice Shield,” which provides cold, gentle protection. But be warned, as it comes with an optional annoyance. Jeremy channels his magic into his sword. He swings his sword like a whirlwind, slicing through defenses and using his keen judgment to penetrate through enemy lines. No matter the crisis, Jeremy has a clever answer. Join Jeremy, the brains of Second Wave, and let your tactics take center stage.











While inflicting an Ice Debuff on nearby enemies, Jeremy slashes at the air with his sword, casting a Blade Slash of Cold, that deals Magic Damage to enemies it pierces. Additionally, if the attack hits an enemy that already has an Ice Debuff, it will also inflict Stun.


Second Wave’s First Transformation Character Arrives!
Aegis, the priestess, has aligned herself with Ra, the Sun God, and Shu, the God of Darkness, as a “Support” who protects her allies with the power of both Gods. Aegis is a living temple in her own right, as both Ra and Shu live within her body. Ra and Shu manifest through Aegis’ body. When Aegis speaks warmly, Ra takes control of her body, and when she speaks seductively, Shu takes control of her body. As the Sun God, Ra saves her allies with the power of the Sun’s life-giving light, Shu, the God of Darkness, strips her enemies of their defenses like an assassin lurking in the depths of the night. Use the power of Aegis to save your allies and wear down your enemies. Harness the power of both Gods to win the Arcane War.

A 1-time buff is granted to the first skill Aegis uses after transforming:
Blazing Moonlight: Decreases Physical Defense and Magic Resistance by an additional 10, but increases the range of the explosion, and increases the Magic Damage.
Will of Darkness: Spawned area of darkness lasts for 3 seconds longer.
Footsteps of Shu: Teleports Aegis and grants 1 second Invulnerability.

Power of Ra

A 1-time buff is granted to the first skill Aegis uses after transforming:
Light Shall Be With You: Increases allied healing.
Will of Passion: The created area of light lasts for 3 seconds longer.
Touch of Salvation: Grants the target and Aegis Invulnerability for 1 second.

[拉] 之火焰









Creates an area of light 8 metres in front of Aegis. Allies within the area are Healed and given a buff with Increased Physical Defense and Magic Resistance.


Create a dark area 8 meters in front of Aegis. Enemies within the area are debuffed with Physical Defense and Magic Resistance Reduction. Heals an ally for a small amount of Health.









Hero Balancing


Hunter Panther is stronger than ever!
ASP 散彈槍


Let’s go, Rex! Dio’s pet panther, Rex, is back and fiercer than ever. When Dio summons Rex, everyone will be in awe.
  • In the past, Rex would attack once and then disappear. But now, after attacking, he will inflict Fear CC around him and then attack again.
ASP 散彈槍

Dio’s shotgun was too powerful against larger monsters due to the scattering nature of the shots when targeting players. We made this balance adjustment because we recognize that Dio’s ability to solo monsters can be game-changing. Although nerfed, Dio’s shotgun should still be powerful against monsters.
  • His basic attack will now only deal 30% of the damage it did to monsters.


Rework on Soul Butterfly, Imprint, Into the Darkness, and Nightmare
Base HP, Dark Slash, and Into the Darkness

Base Stats Changes

Health: 250 → 275


Increased the amount of Soul Butterflies Ess’el can absorb to enhance her abilities and increase her playability through constant assassination.

  • When Ess’el defeats an enemy, she gains a soul that bestows a unique effect based on the soul she acquires.
    • When killing an enemy, Ess’el gains the following benefits:
      • Restores 30 HP.
      • Reduce skill cooldown by 5 seconds.
        • For skills with a cooldown of less than 5 seconds, the cooldown is removed from the skill.
      • Every three stacks:
        1. 1% increased Life Steal
        2. Health Regeneration is increased by 5
        3. Skill Cooldown Reduction is increased by 0.5 seconds
    • Ess’el can obtain up to 30 souls.

Ess’el’s opponents with the Butterfly Mark used to fear her sudden appearance, but now she is unable to move behind them at any time. Nevertheless, she can now eliminate marked targets near her with greater accuracy.

  • Ess’el unleashes a swarm of black butterflies that imprints a Butterfly’s Mark on enemies it hits.
    • Butterfly’s Mark
      • Enemies with a Butterfly’s Mark takes 10% increased damage from Ess’el. The Butterfly’s Mark lasts for a total of 4 seconds.
    •  Completed Butterfly’s Mark
      • When the Butterfly’s Mark is completed, it will explode, enemies that have been marked with it, and took damage from Ess’el, will be stunned for 1 second.
      • Detonating the Butterfly’s Mark reduces the cooldown of Imprint by 50%.

For targets facing Ess’el, the visibility of Ess’el’s cloaking situation has been improved.

  • The black shadow effect surrounding Ess’el while stealthed has been increased.
  • Increased Movement Speed while in Stealth.
    • Increased from 30% 45%

Dark Slash now inflicts greater damage while Ess’el remains in stealth.
  • Increased damage to Dark Slash by 30% while Ess’el is in stealth.

The final slashing motion of Ess’el’s ultimate had become a weakness, giving herself nightmares instead of her enemies, so we’re making it into a more mobile skill.

  • Phase 2: Quick Attack
    • Ess’el travel’s at a high speed in a more accurate star formation.
  • Phase 3: Slash → Charge
    • Instead of slamming her scythe down after her high speed attack, Ess’el now charges at her enemies once more, while swinging her weapon.
      • The skill has been adjusted to allow Ess’el to dash in the direction of the camera and swing her scythe at any enemies she encounters.


Rework on Divine Lance and Protection of Theos


While Michaela was not looking, we revised the animation of her Divine Lance. Don’t worry, we’ve returned the Divine Lance to the Knights of the Order of Theos along with a letter explaining that it was found on a bench in Trestyn.
  • After two stabs, follow up with a shield hit.

Although there was a skill that allowed you to perform a Shield Charge on a basic attack while holding a shield, it wasn’t always clear from the UI, so we’ve redesigned the Shield Charge UI to better reflect this.

Health recovery has been slightly increased.


Rework on Four Slashes of Purgatory and Possession
Overall strength, and Possession

Base Stats Changes

Strength: 80 → 75

Batu now swings his sword with a little more finesse.

Batu’s strength has increased, allowing him to exorcise the possessing evil spirit more rapidly.

  • Reduced the increased duration for the Ultimate when obtaining kills during possession.
    • Previously, obtaining a kill would increase the duration by 2 seconds, while an assist would increase it by 1 second.
    • Now, obtaining a kill increases the duration by 1 second, while an assist increases it by 0.5 seconds.


Rework on Hextech Rifle LD-3981M, Sniper's Eye, and survivability

Shania has now returned from Marine School with some essential military sniper training. Although her unique sniper position has served Shania well, her gameplay controls were not very polished. We have made several improvements to the controls to make her more fun to play, and we’ve added a small positional penalty to match the sniper’s position.
魔法工學槍 LD-3981M

Shania’s movements impact the spread of bullets.
  • When jumping or moving, shots will spread out over a small radius, even if you’re aiming accurately.
  • When crouching or scoping, shots will hit based on where and how you aim.
  • Modified the feel of the weapon’s recoil to feel more natural.
Sniper’s Eye

When using the scope, linear delay motion is applied.
  • Select your desired scope mode in the System Settings.
    • Activate scope only during right-click – this is the default setting.
    • Toggle the scope with a single click to activate or deactivate it.
  • Changed to prevent activating the scope while reloading.

Targets hit by Arcane Flashbang now have an additional 10% movement speed reduction.
In lieu of her long range abilities, we’ve given Shania, who has no movement skills, at least a way to deal with enemies who are closing in on her. Although this does not simplify her reaction time, it increases her chances of survival.


Tingle-tangle and Lightning Sphere


Overall skill damage output has been reduced.

We wanted to reduce the number of situations where Cozette fires too many Lightning Spheres and does more damage than the opponent can handle late in the game.

  • Increased the base cooldown from 3 seconds → 6 seconds.
  • Overall skill damage output has been reduced.


Rework on Charge!

Amelda has been dominating the battlefields of Armantia, causing a significant impact on the continent. In order to counter her influence, we have decided to slightly decrease her base stats and increase her skill cooldowns. However, we will be reducing the delay on her charge skill in order to make it feel more fluid and less jarring as she charges across the battlefield.
Base Stats Changes

Strength: 80 → 75
Health: 325 → 300
Defense: 40 → 37


Cooldown increased:
  • 10 seconds → 12 seconds

Reduced skill delay to improve control when using skills back-to-back.




The shield’s overall health has been increased.


Base HP, Leno, Allegro, and Chaconne

Base Stats Changes

Health: 275 → 300


Merope’s musical note tempo has been increased to hit “other players’ ears faster”.


Movement speed has been increased:

  • Increased from 1.5 2

Cooldown has been reduced:

  • 70 seconds → 50 seconds

Movement and Combat

During our previous Alpha test, while many of you loved the speed of our game, there were also a lot of you who were frustrated with the overly fast movement speeds. As a result, we have modified the character movement speeds to ensure that each character has a speed that is appropriate for their role.
Hero Previous Movement Speed New Movement Speed Difference
In our last Alpha test, we received a lot of feedback about the overall lack of hit feedback and dodging in the game, and we’ve been working on a number of things to improve that, as well as character controls and animation quality.
Added Camera Shaking / Hitrack Functionality

Added Camera Shaking.

  • We’ve added a variety of situational camera shakes, such as when your character uses a skill, hits an enemy, gets hit, sprints and ziplines, and/or is hit by a CC skill.
  • The intensity of the camera shaking can be adjusted in System Settings > Gameplay.


Hitting an enemy now has a hit effect.

  • To give you a more tangible feedback on your hits, we’ve added a hit effect where the animation pauses briefly when you hit. This effect only applies to some melee attacks.
Crowd Control Animation Improvements

Fixed the knockback animation to look more natural.

Skill Usability Improvements

We have improved the usability of projectiles for all characters. We’ve fine-tuning variables such as throw speed, launch angle, and gravity.

Skill Chain Animation Improvements

We have adjusted and improved the animations of skill pre- and post-rolls to make them flow more naturally when used back-to-back. This will facilitate smoother skill chaining.

Added Controller Vibration

We have added a vibration effect when a controller is plugged in.

  • You can customize the intensity of the vibration under System Settings > Controllers.
Skill Mana System

Skills will no longer require the use of Mana. The entire Mana system has been completely removed.

The mana system was a meaningful constraint that we had in place to provide strategy choices, but it didn’t work well in our last Alpha test. We decided to remove it to reduce unnecessary complexity.

Game Modes

Introducing Stone-Grab, a competitive game of “take it or leave it” in the unoccupied Arcane Stone Quarry! Four teams of three players compete on a single battlefield to collect Arcane Stones and fend off attacks. To win, work with your teammates and stand strong against attacks. Beware of being overpowered by another player, as you’ll lose all the Arcane Stones you’ve collected.
New Game Mode: Stone-Grab

  • Requires 4 teams of 3 players on each team, for a total of 12 players.
  • Arcane Stones can be acquired by approaching them spawned throughout the map.
    • Arcane Stones will spawn regularly in the center of the map until mid-game.
    • There are also hidden Arcane Stones inside some destroyable structures.
  • If a player dies while holding an Arcane Stone, all Arcane Stones they were holding are dropped on the spot where they died.
  • If the total number of Arcane Stones held by teammates reaches 24 or more, a Guard Time is triggered to protect the Arcane Stones.
    • If you remain in Guard Time for 40 seconds, you win the game.
    • If a teammate dies during Guard Time and the total number of Arcane Stones drops below 24, Guard Time is canceled.
    • If you retrieve an Arcane Stone within 1.2 seconds of Guard Time being canceled, you will trigger a Save Chance to continue Guard Time.
  • Depending on the number of Arcane Stones you possess, you can receive buffs that enhance your attacks.
  • In Stone Grab, once you leave Base Camp, you can’t return there until you respawn.

  • A tutorial has been added to help players become familiar with the basic controls and combat.
  • After completing the tutorial, players will receive the hero Amelda.

We’ve rebalanced Domination with improvements to the monsters, and also the overall mode.

  • Changed the amount of points awarded for capturing the center / 2 side control points.
  • 5 points per 10 seconds / 1 point per 10 seconds → 3 points per 3 seconds / 1 point per 3 seconds.
  • Added skill patterns and improved effects for Automatons and Mechanical Golems.
  • Changed the amount of points awarded for killing Automatons and Mechanical Golems.
    • Each time an Automaton or Mechanical Golem respawns and is killed, their point value increases:
      • Automaton Kills: 125/150/175 points.
      • Mechanical Golems Kills: 250/300 points.

Item Changes

Previously, there were numerous types of items, but their stats only varied slightly, making them unimportant. Our solution was adding Item Skills to give you more strategic options based on the situation and type of enemy you’re facing, and to add more variety to your experience. This not only enhances your experience but also requires decision-making on which items to purchase based on your situation, enemy situation, and your playstyle.
Added Item Passives

被動效果名稱 效果
單次效果 該道具的效果只有一個將被應用,且將有一個固有的效果名稱。有個別間道具能力不同,但會具有相同的效果名稱,這種情況下,該道具效果中最左邊那個效果將被應用。

例如,若玩家正使用具有 ‘鐵甲’ 固定效果的道具,那麼即使這名玩傢俱有2個以上具有‘鐵甲’這個固定效果的道具,也只有最左邊的那一個道具將被應用鐵甲效果。
永久效果 購買道具{3}分鐘之後,該道具效果將被激活。開始遊戲10分鐘之後,立刻激活。
光環 在以自己爲中心的一定範圍內發散光環。以特定時間間隔定時反覆,該效果可疊加。
充能 能量槽可從0充能到100,可以通過步行、基本攻擊、以及技能攻擊進行充能。充到最大能量值後,所有的能量槽將開始被消耗,並發動特殊技能效果。

  • 通過使用技能或詭計的移動、或者被我軍或敵軍影響下的強制移動不算在內。
    • 使用基本攻擊時:每0.5秒充能6個能量槽。
    • 使用技能攻擊時:每1秒充能6個能量槽。
Added Item Skills

技能名稱 效果 被動效果
天界保護 當您的生命值降低到您最大值的30%以下,會自動觸發該技能。觸發該技能將獲得您最大生命值的30%。冷卻時間:60秒。 單次效果
戰爭狂 每殺死一個人,你會獲得5個力量值。最多可以積攢10格,死亡時將失去該效果。 單次效果
被詛咒的魔法 每殺死一個敵人,你會獲得額外的10點智慧值,最多可以獲得10格。所有智慧在死後都會被清零。 單次效果
大法師 額外獲得你當前智慧值的10%。 單次效果
粉碎 在你攻擊盾牌與障礙時,你的傷害力增加50%。 單次效果
獻身 使您獲得的金幣數量增加 5 個。 單次效果
干擾治療 技能擊中時被觸發。2秒之內,你擊中的敵人的生命力恢復量將減少50%。 單次效果
疾速射擊 在基本攻擊命中時被觸發。你3秒內的攻擊速度將增加25%。 單次效果
釋放的力量 購買該道具3分鐘之後,或遊戲開始10分鐘之後,道具效果將被激活。此外,力量值增加25,移動速度增加0.5。 單次效果
釋放法力 購買該道具3分鐘之後,或遊戲開始10分鐘之後,道具效果將被激活。此外,智慧值增加50,移動速度增加0.2,冷卻時間減少5%。 單次效果
釋放步伐 購買該道具3分鐘之後,或遊戲開始10分鐘之後,道具效果將被激活。此外,移動速度增加0.5,冷卻時間減少5%。 單次效果
釋放護甲 購買該道具3分鐘之後,或遊戲開始10分鐘之後,道具效果將被激活。生命值增加200,物理防禦增加20,魔法抗性增加20。 單次效果
詛咒之焰 每隔0.5秒,向你2米半徑內的敵人,造成等同於你生命值的1.5%的魔法傷害。 單次效果
戰歌 每隔0.5秒,幫你7米半徑內的隊友提升20%的攻擊速度。 單次效果
凍結 在基本攻擊命中時被觸發。對敵人的傷害值增加10。此外,被擊中的敵人1秒內移動速度會降低10%。 單次效果
無限 最大冷卻時間減少量增加50%。 光環
權威 減少5%的傷害。 光環
Titans 最大生命值增加10%。 光環
和諧 使獲得的黃金數量增加10。 光環
黑暗 被擊中的敵人,魔法將被減益。兩秒內物理防禦減10,魔法抗性減10。 單次效果
詛咒的烙印 被擊中的敵人,魔法將被減益。兩秒內物理防禦減20,魔法抗性減20。 單次效果
支配 殺死敵人可使你在3秒內恢復50點生命值。 單次效果
拯救 幫助你5米半徑內的隊友提升15%的物理防禦和魔法抗性。 單次效果
Item Balance Adjustments

For items, we focused on balancing prices during the last Alpha due to the extreme disparity in gold consumption between novice and experienced players. Armor items that were prominent during the Alpha are being slightly nerfed, while offensive and magical items are receiving buffs. Additionally, we are rebalancing some of the less popular trinket items from the Alpha.
Item Name Tier Cost Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3 Item Skills
阿爾曼帝亞之矛 Stage 1 600 Strength + 8 Maximum Health + 25 Health Regeneration + 50% (Not Upgradeable)
阿爾曼帝亞水晶球 Stage 1 600 Intelligence + 20 Maximum Health + 30 (Not Upgradeable)
阿爾曼帝亞之盾 Stage 1 600 Maximum Health + 35 Health Regeneration + 20% Defense + 10 (Not Upgradeable)
阿爾曼帝亞之靴 Stage 1 600 Movement Speed + 0.4 Attack Speed + 0.1 Defense + 10 (Not Upgradeable)
阿爾曼帝亞指環 Stage 1 600 Health Regeneration + 0.5 Life Steal + 5% (Not Upgradeable)
木棍 Stage 1 400 Strength + 10
戰斧 Stage 2 1200 Strength + 20
雙截棍 Stage 2 1200 Strength + 15 Physical Penetration + 8
Executioner's Axe Stage 3 2800 Strength + 25 戰爭狂
掌斧 Stage 3 2800 Strength + 40
三截棍 Stage 3 2800 Strength + 30 Physical Penetration + 10 粉碎
連枷 Stage 3 2900 Strength + 35 Physical Penetration + 20
手裡劍 Stage 1 400 Attack Speed + 7%
匕首 Stage 2 1200 Attack Speed + 15%
環刃 Stage 2 1200 Attack Speed + 10% Physical Penetration + 5
刺客匕首 Stage 3 2700 Attack Speed + 25% Physical Penetration + 15 凍結
日食 Stage 3 2700 Attack Speed + 25% 疾速射擊
蘇達摩輪 Stage 3 2800 Strength + 15 Attack Speed + 7% 釋放的力量
乾坤圈 Stage 3 2800 Attack Speed + 20% Physical Penetration + 20 凍結
魔法石 Stage 1 400 Intelligence + 15
魔法書 Stage 2 1300 Intelligence + 35
魔杖 Stage 2 1200 Intelligence + 30 Magical Penetration + 10
死靈之書 Stage 3 3100 Intelligence + 60 大法師
Archmage's Stratagem Stage 3 2900 Intelligence + 60 Cooldown Reduction + 10%
Erebus's Wand Stage 3 3000 Intelligence + 40 Magical Penetration + 20 被詛咒的魔法
Archmage's Wand Stage 3 3000 Intelligence + 45 Magical Penetration + 25 粉碎
半面具 Stage 1 400 Intelligence + 5 Cooldown Reduction + 5%
面紗 Stage 2 1200 Intelligence + 10 Cooldown Reduction + 10%
面具 Stage 2 1200 Intelligence + 20 Cooldown Reduction + 5%
Dancer's Veil Stage 3 2800 Cooldown Reduction + 20% 釋放法力
婚紗面紗 Stage 3 2600 Intelligence + 40 Cooldown Reduction + 15%
京劇臉譜 Stage 3 2600 Intelligence + 40 Cooldown Reduction + 10% 干擾治療
化妝舞會面具 Stage 3 2900 Intelligence + 40 Cooldown Reduction + 20% 獻身
布甲 Stage 1 400 Defense + 10
鋼鐵護甲 Stage 2 900 Maximum Health + 50 Defense + 20
祝福之甲 Stage 2 900 Defense + 20 Magic Resistance + 20
秘銀護甲 Stage 3 3000 Maximum Health + 150 Defense + 60
板甲 Stage 3 3100 Maximum Health + 180 Defense + 30 干擾治療
Hero's Armor Stage 3 3000 Defense + 40 Magic Resistance + 40 釋放護甲
十字軍護甲 Stage 3 3000 Maximum Health + 100 Defense + 40 Magic Resistance + 40 泰坦
披風 Stage 1 400 Maximum Health + 70
黑色披風 Stage 2 900 Maximum Health + 100 Magic Resistance + 15
白色長袍 Stage 2 1000 Maximum Health + 80 權威
Emperor's Cloak Stage 3 3000 Maximum Health + 200 Magic Resistance + 50
星影披風 Stage 3 3100 Maximum Health + 180 Magic Resistance + 30 天界保護
Archbishop's Robe Stage 3 3000 Maximum Health + 200 Health Regeneration + 100% 權威
被詛咒的長袍 Stage 3 3000 Maximum Health + 250 詛咒之焰
Slipper Stage 1 400 Movement Speed + 0.3
Boot Stage 2 900 Movement Speed + 0.6
鞋子 Stage 2 900 Movement Speed + 0.4 Cooldown Reduction + 5%
赫耳墨斯之靴 Stage 3 2000 Movement Speed + 0.6 釋放步伐
戰靴 Stage 3 1900 Movement Speed + 0.7 Life Steal + 7%
Tailor's Shoes Stage 3 2000 Movement Speed + 0.9 Cooldown Reduction + 5%
紅色高跟鞋 Stage 3 2000 Movement Speed + 0.6 Cooldown Reduction + 10%
代幣 Stage 1 300 Maximum Health + 25 Health Regeneration + 30%
神聖遺跡 Stage 2 600 Maximum Health + 35 Health Regeneration + 45% 獻身
Underworld's Token Stage 2 800 Life Steal + 5% Health Regeneration + 30% 黑暗
聖十字架 Stage 3 1500 Maximum Health + 150 Health Regeneration + 30% 和諧
聖盃 Stage 3 1800 Maximum Health + 100 Health Regeneration + 100% 拯救
Ruler's Token Stage 3 2000 Life Steal + 10% Health Regeneration + 80% 支配
被詛咒的令牌 Stage 3 2300 Life Steal + 20% Maximum Health - 10% 詛咒的烙印
原石 Stage 1 300 Maximum Health + 25
珠寶 Stage 2 600 Maximum Health + 35 獻身
項鍊 Stage 2 800 Life Steal + 5% 獻身
光輝指環 Stage 3 1500 Maximum Health + 150 和諧
婚戒 Stage 3 1800 Maximum Health + 100 戰歌
思戀之鏈 Stage 3 2000 Life Steal + 10% 黑暗
被詛咒的項鍊 Stage 3 2300 Life Steal + 20% 干擾治療

New UX Changes

HUD UI Improvements

The HUD UI has been reworked.

  • The overall design style and layout has changed.
  • Improved UI presentation to enhance recognition of skill cooldowns and skill draw charges.
  • HP bar improvements: HP reduction and HP gain animations are now more noticeable.
  • Enhanced UI animations to improve recognition of enemy damage.
  • Blood effects are now displayed around the screen to better indicate when the player has been hit.
  • Improved the UI animation for the occupied gauge indicator so that it fills more smoothly.
Crosshair / Aim Customization

Added the option to customize your crosshair in System Settings.

  • It can be found in System Settings > Gameplay > Crosshairs.
    • Under ‘Type’, you can set the type of crosshair you want to use.
    • Under ‘Color’, you can set the color of the crosshair you want to use.
    • Under ‘Line Weight’, you can set the line thickness of the crosshair you want to use.
    • Under ‘Display Accuracy’, you can set the accuracy feature for the crosshair you want to use.
In-Game Store Improvements


We received extensive feedback from the testers regarding the in-game store during our last Alpha test, and the general consensus was that it was inconvenient to see an item’s full upgrade tree while looking at the higher-tier items first. As a result, we’re reworking the UI to make it easier to see an item’s upgrade tree.

We’re revamping the in-game store UX.

  • When you select an item, you’ll see its upgrade tree and can quickly purchase, upgrade, and so on, through that upgrade tree.
  • Depending on whether you own the item or not, you will only have the option to either purchase or upgrade it, thereby minimizing confusion.
  • After purchasing an item, you can see the changes to your character’s stats at a glance in the store UI.
System Settings and Keybinds

Added the ability to set keyboard shortcuts in the System Settings. In Controls > Keyboard / Mouse, Controllers tab, you can set keybinds for each device.

  • The ‘Change Hero’ button allows you to change settings for specific heroes individually.
  • If you change the settings while ‘All Heroes’ is selected, the settings for all Heroes will be changed in bulk.
Controller Support

Added Controller Support as an option for PC.

  • Advanced Controller Settings now support detailed controller settings, including sight sensitivity, aim assist, dead zone settings, and vibration.
System Set Frame Limit

We’ve improved the option to select an FPS limit in System Settings. You can set it in Graphics > Preferences > FPS Limit.

  • We’ve increased the Max FPS limit.
    • You can now set the maximum to 30 FPS, 60 FPS, 90 FPS, 120 FPS, 144 FPS, 240 FPS, or Unlimited.
Language selection in System Settings

We’ve improved the language selection in System Settings.

  • You can now set the text language, character voice language, and system voice language.
Handling AFK Players

We’ve introduced penalties for players who intentionally disconnect or do nothing during a match.

  • If you receive a match-denial or match-restriction penalty, you will not be able to play for the duration of the penalty. The penalty time is proportional to the number of times you’ve been penalized.
  • A reward penalty reduces the rewards you earn after the game ends. Reward penalties are removed by playing the game normally for the number of times you were penalized.
  • A Game Restriction penalty is given to players who do not click the Accept button after a successful game.
    • Players who do not click Accept after a successful match will be penalized on their next match attempt.
  • Players who take no action during a match will receive a Match Restriction penalty and a Reward penalty.
    • If a player is inactive for more than 30 seconds during a game, they will receive a warning.
    • After 10 seconds of inactivity with the warning displayed, the player will be disconnected.
    • The player will be able to rejoin the game when they reconnect, but will be subject to game restriction penalties and reward penalties after the game ends.
  • Players who leave during a game will be subject to match restriction penalties and reward penalties.
    • If a player leaves the game during a match and more than one minute has elapsed, the player is considered to have left the game.
    • Players who leave a game will be able to rejoin the game when they reconnect, but will be subject to match restriction penalties and bounty penalties after the game ends.
Match Surrendering and Votes

Added a “Do Over” feature to declare a game void if a player leaves the game.

  • If you have a player on your team who leaves the game between 1:30 and 3 minutes into the game, you can vote for a replay.
    • The remaining players on the team, excluding the removed player, can vote to decide if a replay is warranted.
    • If the replay vote is in favor by a certain percentage, the game is stopped and treated as a forfeit.
    • A forfeited game does not affect the number of wins or losses.
  • Depending on the mode, if the game does not end before a certain amount of time has elapsed, the Surrender Vote feature is activated.
    • After the game starts, the Surrender feature is activated when the following times have elapsed:
      • Domination: 7 minutes
      • Three-Way Battle: 6 minutes
      • Stone-Grab: 5 minutes
    • You can start voting in the following ways:
      • Enter the following commands in the chat: /ff, /remake, /gg, /surrender
      • Select the “Abandon game” button from the menu.
    • The rest of the team, except for players who are disconnected at the start of the poll, can vote to decide whether to surrender.
      • Players who have left and returned to the game can also participate in the Surrender Vote, as long as they are still connected at the start of the vote.
    • If the vote is in favor of surrendering by a certain percentage, the team will surrender and be immediately placed in the lowest rank at that time.
      • Domination is treated as a loss.
    • In Three-Way Battle and Stone-Grab, the remaining teams can continue to play, except for the surrendered team.
Killfeed Announcements

Added a Kill Announcement for players to see who is climbing the ranks and needs to be “taken care of”. Previously, super plays could go unnoticed. Now it’s clear to everyone who’s dominating the battlefield.

  • Killfeed Announcements are shown to everyone in a number of situations, such as getting a First Kill, a Triple Kill or more, or taking down a player on a Kill Streak
Improved Death Camera Controls

Fixed loss of camera control on the death screen. The camera will only rotate once to the location of the enemy that killed you, after which you can rotate the camera freely.

Reward Notification Improvements

We’ve added a pop-up that shows you what rewards you’ve earned when you earn rewards like Mail and Achievements.

  • When you earn a reward that you already have, you will receive either Coins or Crystals, depending on the reward.
Hero Selection Screen Revamp

The hero selection screen has been redesigned completely.

  • We’ve changed the interface to handle more characters in the coming future, and you can now choose skins from within the Hero Selection window.
  • You can now see your opponent’s character picks in real time.
  • Duplicate character picks in “Normal Mode” are now limited to a maximum of 2 players.
You will no longer see 6-player Merope in standard matches. In the future, we’ll have unlimited modes available for Custom Matches.
Patch Notes UI

Players can now view the latest patch history for Second Wave.

  • You can find it in Settings > Patch Notes.
Latest News UI

Players can check the latest news for Second Wave.

  • They are displayed at the top-right of the screen.
Known Issues UI

Players can check for urgent issues in Second Wave.

  • They are displayed at the top of the screen.
Improved Loading Screen

At the start of each match, players will see information about the mode and map they’ll be playing on, as well as tips for playing Second Wave.

Visual Polishing

Overall Art, Animation, and Effects

The overall art quality of Second Wave has been greatly improved. To avoid a long list of changes, we’ve narrowed it down to a short list:

  • Character Art
    • Improved character models.
    • Improved cell-shading for the characters.
    • Improved face shadows.
  • Background Art
    • Improved lighting quality.
    • Improved collision with structures around maps.
    • Improved the overall brightness and quality of existing maps.
    • Improved the brightness and environment of the “Out of Match” areas, such as Social.
  • 效果
    • Improved hit feedback effect quality and size.
    • Improved effects when in first-person mode.
    • Improved Monster skill effects.
    • Improved overall hero skill effects.
    • Improved background objects visual effects.

Sound Polishing

Overall Sound, Effects, and Voices

The overall sound quality of Second Wave has been greatly improved. To avoid a long list of changes, we’ve narrowed it down to a short list:

  • Footsteps
    • Improved character footsteps to sound more natural and realistic depending on map terrain and floor material
  • Character / Hero Voice
    • We’ve significantly increased the frequency of dialog, so your hero’s voice will be heard in a wider variety of situations throughout the game.
    • Characters’ unique personalities and traits are now more varied and prominent in their voices.
  • Dodge & Attack Sounds
    • The sound effects for dodging and attacking have been reworked to better describe weapon types and provide feedback.
  • Skill Sound Improvements
    • We’ve completely overhauled the sound effects of skill use.
    • The sound effects have been improved to provide a richer sense of three-dimensionality and stereo by applying level attenuation based on the distance and angle of allies and enemies.
  • UI Sound Improvements
    • We’ve added UI sounds for interactivity, such as navigating menus and purchasing items.
    • The enhanced UI sounds also work dynamically in-game. We’ve also added sound effects for important events, such as the “Capturing!” bar in Domination, to more clearly indicate what’s happening during gameplay.
  • Ambient Sound
    • We’ve added new ambient sounds for the backgrounds in all three modes.
    • Dynamic 3D sound effects have also been added based on your location on the map to further immerse you in the environment.
  • System Voices / Announcements
    • Added new context-based system voices.

New System Features

We’re working on a variety of systems to help you customize your character, use them in-game, and interact with your users. These features will be regularly updated.

Allows you to change the appearance of your Hero. These can be set for each character in the Hero’s Library > Skins. We’re working on skins for all characters, but only “Dio” and “Merope” are available in this beta for feature testing.


Spray allows you to display an image of your choice on your in-game wallpaper. You can set this up for each character in Hero Pool > Social Expressions.


Use emotes to communicate with other players. These can be customized for each character in your Hero Pool > Social Expressions.

Voice Signals

Use voice signals to communicate with other users. You can customize them for each character in your Hero Pool > Social Expressions.

Zipline Effect

Get a special effect when zip-lining. You can customize this for each character in your Hero Pool > In-Game Effects.

Sprint Effect

Get a special effect when you sprint. You can set this for each character in Hero Pool > In-Game Effects.

Kill Feed

If set, your killfeed will be specially decorated in-game. You can set this per account in the Collections UI.


This feature adds Triumphs (Achievements) that can be earned by fulfilling certain conditions in-game.

  • You can earn Triumph Score Rewards by completing Triumphs that increase your Triumph Score.
  • Each triumph has a Triumph Level, and you can earn various rewards such as avatars, titles, and kill feeds by increasing the level of each triumph to a certain level.

We’ve added new missions to coincide with the addition of the new modes.

Quick Match

We’ve added a Quick Match feature. In the Lobby > Game Mode Selection UI, you can select Quick Match and play the mode that matches first, irrespective of the mode.


We’ve added a Mail feature.

  • You can now receive rewards through your mailbox.
    • You can access your mailbox from the Lobby > Mail icon in the top right corner.
    • You can see up to 200 sent and received messages at a time.
Player Reporting / Blocking

We’ve added the ability to report and/or block players.

  • You can report or block a player by selecting the player you wish to report or block from the Social UI or from the Game Results window.

Introducing the Premium Store

In this Beta, we’re testing some of the features of the Premium Shop, and you’ll be able to purchase all released Heroes and some cosmetic items. Your account will be credited with the necessary currency to purchase as much as you want, so don’t hesitate! No, real-life money is not required and is not functional at this point in time. All Crystals / Currencies will be free to players in this Beta.

Known Issues

Known Issues and Bugs Support

We’ve added a “Known Issues and Bugs” section to our support site to better assist players looking for issues with the game or possible bugs they may want to report. We will continue to update this page, and as bugs are fixed, they will be removed from the list.

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