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找到古老的文物與故事,一步步瞭解阿爾曼帝亞毀滅性的歷史吧。爲了解開神祕礦石背後隱藏的謎團,需要您使用《第二浪潮》(Second Wave)中英雄們的獨特技能,親自體驗各種遊戲模式。


  • Free to Play Download and play the game for free, with no subscription cost or purchase necessary.
  • Unique and Diverse Heroes Learn Armantia's history with several unique and diverse characters, each with a story to tell that can be unlocked with gameplay.
  • First Person and Third Person Fight your enemies in either First Person or Third Person view modes easily.
  • EPIC ABILITIES Fight in Armantia with special abilities all in an anime aesthetic.
  • GLORIOUS REWARDS Victory in the battlefield means additional rewards for your heroes, from Cosmetics, Costumes, to even banners so you can flaunt your victories to your enemies with style.
  • NO PAY TO WIN Second Wave offers a cosmetic-only cash shop, along with a Battle Pass system, with zero pay to win.


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