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Over the years, wars have been fought over a unique resource that has helped the continent advance in both Science and Technology: The Arcane Stone. Throughout these years, certain characters have risen to prominence, either as Heroes or Exiles, fighting a second generation war for the Arcane Stone. 


Find ancient artefacts, stories and learn the history of Armantia and its destructive past. With the unique abilities of Second Wave’s characters, you must take matters into your own hands through various game modes in order  to unlock the hidden mystery behind The Arcane Stone.


  • Free to Play Download and play the game for free, with no subscription cost or purchase necessary.
  • Unique and Diverse Heroes Learn Armantia's history with several unique and diverse characters, each with a story to tell that can be unlocked with gameplay.
  • First Person and Third Person Fight your enemies in either First Person or Third Person view modes easily.
  • EPIC ABILITIES Fight in Armantia with special abilities all in an anime aesthetic.
  • GLORIOUS REWARDS Victory in the battlefield means additional rewards for your heroes, from Cosmetics, Costumes, to even banners so you can flaunt your victories to your enemies with style.
  • NO PAY TO WIN Second Wave offers a cosmetic-only cash shop, along with a Battle Pass system, with zero pay to win.

Game Features

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