Patch Note: Early Access v1.0.3

The Patch Notes for Early access v1.0.3 in Second Wave include Hero Balancing, Item Changes, and more!


June 10, 2024

Challengers Games

EA 1.0.3 Patch Notes

Thank you for participating in the Second Wave Early Access! In this new patch, we are making some balance changes to Heroes, Game Modes, and  Items based on feedback, as well as some bug fixes. Additionally, we’ve improved some gameplay based on feedback, such as “Crouch Dashing” and an issue with Michaela’s [Charge] attack. Lastly, we’ve added more hair dye options for heroes.

Please remember that everything in the Early Access is still in development! Just as we did during Alpha and Beta, we will continue to develop the game by listening to your valuable feedback during the Early Access. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to interacting with you and making Second Wave even better!

For now, enjoy the game!

New Features

Hair to Dye For!

  • Players are now able to dye the hair of additional other heroes such as Bernard, Cozette, Amelda, Michaela, Spade Four, Jack, and Jeremy.
  • Heroes with Sunbathed and First Wave skins can now dye their hair!

Item Changes


SudarsanaItem Skill: Unleashed Power (Strength +25 / Movement Speed +0.5)Item Skill: Unleashed Power (Strength +25 / Movement Speed +0.2)

Crystal Ball of ArmantiaWisdom +20 / Max HP + 35Wisdom +14 / Max HP + 30
Dancer's VeilItem Skill: Unleashed Mana (Wisdom +40, Movement Speed +0.2, and 5% Cooldown Reduction)Item Skill: Unleashed Mana (Wisdom +36, Movement Speed +0.2, and 5% Cooldown Reduction)
Masquerade MaskItem Skill: LimitlessFixed an issue where the Maximum Cooldown Reduction was not reaching 50%.

Holy RelicPurchase Price 600 Gold750 Gold
Ring of the AdamantPurchase Price 600 Gold750 Gold
Holy CrossPurchase Price 1500 Gold / Max HP 1301900 Gold / Max HP 110
Ring of the WisePurchase Price 1500 Gold / Max HP 1201900 Gold / Max HP 100

Hero Balancing


Changed effect of Completed Butterfly's Mark and fixed an issue with Into the Darkness.


  • [Completed Butterfly’s Mark]
    • Target receives reduction in Movement Speed by 50% for 1 second → Stunned for 0.5 seconds
Into the Darkness 

  • Fixed issue with Stealth duration not matching the skill description.


Bullet spread has been reduced when using Automatic Rifle and Scope Synchronizer.

Automatic Rifle 

  • Bullet spread reduced on both normal state and in Overclock state.
Scope Synchronizer 

  • Bullet spread reduced on both normal state and in Overclock state.


Reduced ultimate cooldown

Wrath of Land 

  • Cooldown Reduced:
    • 90 seconds → 80 seconds


Light Shall Be With You, Will of Passion, Footsteps of Shu and A Priestess Serving Two Gods

Light Shall Be With You 

  • [Normal]
    • Grants allies continuous 3 (+0.05 WIS) Health every 0.2 seconds → 4 (+0.06 WIS) Health every 0.2 seconds
  • [Divine Ra]
    • All allies recover 6 (+0.08 WIS) every 0.2 seconds → 8 (+0.1 WIS) every 0.2 seconds
Will of Passion 

  • [Normal]
    • Health, Health Regeneration, Defense and Magic Defense by 10 (+0.07 WIS) every 0.33 seconds → 10 (+0.08 WIS) every 0.33 sec
Footsteps of Shu 

  • [Normal]
    • Teleport range increased from 7m → 10m
A Priestess Serving Two Gods

  • [Divine Shu]
    • Cooldown Reduced from 12 seconds → 8 seconds


Chaconne's Sleep effect


  • Decreased sleep time:
    • Enemies hit fall into Sleep for 5 seconds → Enemies hit fall into Sleep for 3 seconds

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Summary of Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Michaela’s [Charge] cooldown would reset while dashing.
  • Fixed an issue where players could dash infinitely.
  • Fixed a bug where some hero skill tooltips were applied incorrectly.
  • Fixed rewards not being sent properly from the Triumphs page.
  • Fixed a bug where Cozette’s emotes would not activate properly.
  • Fixed a bug where some skills were causing additional damage or effects that were not intended.
  • Fixed a bug where players could not receive mission-based and/or triumph-based rewards.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not zoom in on heroes when in the Hero Details section.

Summary of Improvements

  • Jemma’s basic attacks have been improved to provide a better flow in battle.
  • Some sound improvements were made with the game’s effects and voices.
  • Improved timing of Domination capture points from 3 seconds → 2 seconds.
  • The effects of both Shania’s Arcane Flashbang and Cozette’s Mr. Cat’s Paw Bomb have been modified to mask the player’s location when used.
  • Players in a squad should now be able to play without so many interruptions causing them to restart.
  • The recommended banner in the Arcane Store is now interactive, directing players to the specific bundle or deal being featured.
  • The localization of the tutorial has been improved, which should allow new players to have a better overall first time experience in the game.

Known Issues

Summary of Known Issues and Bugs

  • Mailbox may indicate that there is mail while you are in the Heroes menu, even if you have already opened/claimed the mail.
  • Jack’s Flame Flask and and Sticky Bombs and often fall into the map and disappear.
  • Server Desynchronization experienced by some players, which will be resolved in Patch 1.0.4

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