Announcement of the Survey Event Winners

We're pleased to announce the winners of our survey event. We took a look at the survey responses from each region and randomly selected the winners.


11 月 1, 2023

Challengers Games


It’s been a long time since our Beta ended, but we’re back!

We’re pleased to announce the winners of our survey event. We took a look at the survey responses from each region and randomly selected the winners. If you’re one of our lucky winners, we’ll be emailing you within the next week to follow up and send you your special prizes. So keep an eye on your inbox!

Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback and filled out our Beta survey.

We’ll see you soon!

Ban*******835 pan*******[email protected] sup*******[email protected]
tma*****[email protected] bat***[email protected] vaz*******[email protected]
cho***[email protected] kaz*******[email protected] bom*****[email protected]
ilo*****[email protected] mis*********[email protected] Cha********[email protected]
qub****[email protected] asd*********[email protected] lol******[email protected]
Dan*****[email protected] ifi****[email protected]
als*****[email protected] jov***[email protected]
se0***[email protected] jos********[email protected]
rud******[email protected] qur****[email protected]
yj9****[email protected] cha*****[email protected]
azi****[email protected] ran*************[email protected]
pol*****[email protected] dor*****[email protected]
yoo******[email protected] min************[email protected]
ic4**[email protected] mur*******[email protected]
tls****[email protected] fro********[email protected]
cod****[email protected] o**[email protected]
wjd******[email protected] mic**********[email protected]
bbs**[email protected] ja***[email protected]
ins****[email protected] jay***[email protected]
qur****[email protected] nul**[email protected]
gus*******[email protected] dai**********[email protected]
pup*****[email protected] ear****[email protected]
tai***[email protected] sum******[email protected]
bea***[email protected] tim********[email protected]
kol****[email protected] msw**[email protected]
zas******[email protected]
tak***[email protected]
iap*******[email protected]
ant*******[email protected]
har********[email protected]
ani*******[email protected]
rap**************[email protected]
hai*******[email protected]
nya**[email protected]
Lik************[email protected]
bat***[email protected]
bre***[email protected]
mr***[email protected]
pep*******[email protected]
jas**********[email protected]
reagro**************[email protected]
14w*********[email protected]
god*****[email protected]
mad*******[email protected]
jas******[email protected]
bla****[email protected]
kyr***[email protected]
R0**[email protected]
Bad********[email protected]
Tuy*****[email protected]
lia*****[email protected]
huy***[email protected]
cda***[email protected]
Nig****[email protected]
kat*****[email protected]
hs**[email protected]
do*****[email protected]
una**[email protected]
ale*****[email protected]
se**[email protected]
duy**[email protected]
dan********[email protected]
den***[email protected]
pau*****[email protected]
rui**[email protected]
tac***[email protected]
ckl****[email protected]
unr*****[email protected]
jbr********[email protected]
vaz******[email protected]
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