What is Second Wave?

Second Wave is a multiplayer hero-based shooter MOBA that puts players in the role of a legendary exile or hero from the lands of Armantia. In this game, players take up arms against other players by fighting for the legendary Arcane Stone in different modes. Through gameplay and time, players will learn the history of Armantia, the Revolutionary War that changed the world, and the past and present lives of each character available to play in Second Wave.

When did the game begin development?

Challengers Games Corp. was formed officially on July 2022. Second Wave was previously known as Project B and we began production immediately. We announced the development of Project B (Second Wave) on August 29, 2022 on Discord.

What is the Business Model for Second Wave?

Second Wave offers a cosmetic-only store, where different weapon skins, character skins, costumes, voice lines and even animations can be purchased exclusively. Second Wave also offers a Battle Pass in order to unlock additional skins, costumes, cosmetics and more. There is Zero Pay to Win when it comes to Second Wave, as we believe in fair and balanced games.

Why is the Early Access Buy to Play?

Currently the Early Access of Second Wave is Buy to Play, and will transition into Free to Play at the end of June 2024. Purchasing the Early Access before this period will provide players with 12,800 Crystals ($128 Value). Free to Play is accessible through the Demo version of Second Wave on Steam. Once the transition is complete, the full game will become Free to Play and the events for Crystals, as well as the 10,000 Crystal gift will not be available any longer.

Will Second Wave Launch as Free-to-Play?

We are currently focused solely on the development of the game and have not yet determined a business model for the launch of the game. We estimate that Early Access will last at least a year, and our first priority until then is to complete and polish the game before making any decisions. While we have every intention of going free-to-play at launch, this should not be an indicator of what the business model will be once the full game is available.

What is the Price for the Early Access?

Second Wave will be regionally priced when it launches on Steam in Early Access. We have been working with different advisors from different countries in order to deliver the experience of the game to their regions. On top of that, the Early Access will be priced at $29.99 USD, with a 10% discount during the first two weeks.

What do you mean by No Pay to Win?

Our studio is made up of industry veterans who have been in the game industry for many, many years. We have seen the good and the bad when it comes to this business, and we know how predatory some companies can be. When we started Challengers Games, we vowed never to fall into that trap and to challenge the gaming world. Second Wave is not pay-to-win, as we believe in a fair and balanced game for all players.

Is there a cash shop / microtransactions?

Yes, Second Wave has an in-game store called the Arcane Store. Players can visit the Arcane Store to purchase unique skins, voice lines, and even special effects (such as sprinting and ziplining) by using Crystals. Crystals come in two forms: Paid Crystals (purple) and Free Crystals (green). Both versions work on the same items and are not limited by each other. In addition, we have a feature called the Mystery Box, which can only be accessed with gold earned through gameplay. The Mystery Box gives you the chance to get absolutely anything from the Arcane Store through gameplay alone. Alternatively, if a player chooses to purchase the cosmetic or bundle through Crystals, that option is also available.

Crystals cannot be purchased in the Demo version of Second Wave.

Are the microtransactions cash only?

No. We have Green Crystals and Purple Crystals. Green can be earned through events, gameplay, and other ways – this is also the version we provide for some server maintenance, daily login, and more. The Purple Crystals are paid. The Green Crystal takes priority over the Purple Crystal in order to not use the player’s paid currency. In addition, absolutely everything in the store can be purchased in our Mystery Box with Gold, which can only be earned by playing the game.

Are Heroes available for purchase through the cash shop or gacha system?


Will the data transfer from Early Access to Launch?


Where can we find Patch Notes?

You can find the patch notes for Second Wave on our official website at playsecondwave.com.

What platforms will Second Wave release on?

Our goal is to release on PC (Steam / STOVE / Epic Games Store), Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

Is the game crossplay with other platforms?

We plan to support this feature, as evidenced by our October 2023 beta, which featured cross-play between Steam, STOVE, and Xbox Series X|S. We are actively developing the game and will prioritize the player experience above all else. As soon as we have a definitive answer, we will announce it on our official website.

What is the server tick rate for Second Wave?

Second Wave currently offers 120-tick rate servers. We are constantly working to ensure that the servers are performing well, and there may be some hiccups along the way, but this is our current setup and may increase in the future.

Where are the servers located?

North America: Virginia
Europe: Frankfurt, Germany
Asia: Japan

I'm a Content Creator / Influencer, is there a content creator program for Second Wave?

We are currently developing a content creator program for Second Wave. However, we are still working with influencers and content creators. If you are interested in making content around our game, please sign up for our contact form here.

Where can we report bugs?

Our primary way of receiving bug reports is through our support site at はsupport.challengersgames.comです。. We prefer this over reporting through our Discord server. Submitting through our Discord will result in a lower priority for the issue than using our support site.

Is there anything that I should add to the bug reports?

We do ask that you include your Player Log File if you’re experiencing specific network issues, connection problems, game crashes, or other bugs that are affecting you and other players. This will help us narrow down the problem. For more information on how to obtain your Player Log file from our support site, please visit https://support.challengersgames.com/portal/en/kb/articles/pc-how-to-find-your-log-file.

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