Welcome to Armantia

Second Wave has now officially launched for Early Access on PC, bringing with it a host of events to earn crystals and more!


May 31, 2024

Challengers Games

Heroes of Armantia!

It has been an incredible 2 years of development and we want to thank you for your incredible patience with us. For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, we want to thank you for your love and support. It has sustained us through the darkest of times. From our first Alpha in May 2023 to the Beta Test in October 2023. It has been the adventure of a lifetime.

Now we’re finally releasing Second Wave into Early Access on PC, and even though it’s still a work in progress, we’re so happy that you’re able to join us and play, and even help shape the game with your fantastic feedback. We’ve updated our FAQ on our support page, and we’ve also posted it here on our website, as well as on our Discord and Steam communities. The FAQ should answer most of the questions players may have, such as the decision to go into Early Access and why it is “Buy to Play”, along with many other concerns.

Along with the launch, we’ve also added 2 special events for Early Access players where you can earn free Crystals and more!

Thank you all for your continued support and patience. Please remember that Second Wave is currently in Early Access and does not reflect the final result. You will (most likely) experience bugs and crashes, and just like the Alpha and Beta phases, we will use your feedback and your voices to continue to improve the game.

Welcome to Armantia

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