A New Hero Emerges: Suri

Suri is a playable character in Second Wave. Players will be able to use her treasure hunting abilities and crossbow to take the world by storm when Second Wave launches in Early Access on May 31st.


May 23, 2024

Challengers Games

Suri Ren

Armed with a crossbow, Suri Ren, a treasure hunter from Musir, uses her hunting tools to tie up enemies and move quickly in battle.
Meet Suri Ren in STEAM Early Access on May 31st!

Lore Teaser

“I don’t miss anything that shines, even if it’s on your body.”

Something she was born with was an instinct for smelling gold. A treasure hunter who can tell the real thing from the fake. She’s a beautiful young woman to look back on, but she didn’t grow up that way. Her past life of hardship before and after birth has made her toxic. A redheaded treasure hunter who believes that whatever she wants, she must and can have. Her motto is “Treasures are made, not born,” and she is notorious for living by it. She will steal, be violent, and even dig up other people’s graves if it means getting what she wants. She’s also a bit of a charmer. If you fall for Suri Ren’s wink and spend your money on vanity, be prepared to have your pockets picked when you’re alone.

Suri’s full story will be revealed soon.

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