A New Hero Emerges: Riley

Riley is a playable character in Second Wave. Players will be able to use her military mind to take down any enemy from a distance or up close and personal when Second Wave launches in Early Access on May 31st.


May 21, 2024

Challengers Games


Riley Scott is a Karin Intelligence agent who uses a rifle as her weapon of choice, allowing her to quickly charge into enemy forces and destroy factions.
Meet Riley Scott on May 31st in STEAM Early Access!

Lore Teaser

The Ace Agent medal on her chest patch, that’s Riley. Her aura of untouchability, her unflappable toughness, and her no-nonsense attitude make it hard for anyone to get through to her. She’s taken down over 100 high-level criminals. Her skills as an intelligence officer and her fierce loyalty to Karin have made her a promising ace agent in the agency. The Mechanic Leg, a mechanical leg enhancement device, is a special reward given only to Ace Agents.

Riley’s full story will be revealed soon.

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