A New Hero Emerges: Eva

Eva is a playable character in Second Wave. Players will be able to use her Princess Magic to freeze enemies or set them ablaze with fire when Second Wave launches in Early Access on May 31st.


May 25, 2024

Challengers Games

Eva Mikae

Princess of Fireland, elementalist Eva Mikae utilizes fire and ice-based magic to defeat her enemies. Meet Eva Meeke on May 31 in STEAM Early Access!

Lore Teaser

“A princess who gets into trouble all the time? That’s a bit harsh!”

Her motivation is as fiery as the volcanoes of Fireland, but her results are often disastrous. She is an icon of mental triumph, shouting “Hey… it’s okay!” even when she makes mistakes and falls. Her magic wand is made from an ancient tree that grows on the edges of the volcanoes and glaciers of Fireland. It is Eva’s most precious treasure.

Eva’s full story will be revealed soon.

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