Free to Play Announcement

After much discussion, Challengers Games Corp. has announced that the Early Access of Second Wave will go free-to-play today!


6 月 13, 2024

Challengers Games

Heroes of Armantia,

During our Early Access period, we’ve been evaluating what players want to see in Second Wave. We knew that as a buy-to-play experience, the Early Access period could be a bit restrictive. As a result, we have received a tremendous amount of feedback from players – both good and bad.

We would like to take this opportunity to apologize to any players we may have disappointed with the state of Second Wave, especially those who have been with us from the beginning and waited so long for the game, only to be disappointed by either the Early Access restrictions, the state of the game, or the buy-to-play aspect.

From day one, we have vowed to work with our players and make sure that we are transparent with you and, more importantly, earn your trust.

As a result, we have made the decision to change Second Wave’s Early Access from Buy to Play to Free to Play.

How to Access Free to Play

Our original intention, which we announced on our official Discord, was to offer a refund for the game to all players who purchased Second Wave. We felt this was important to us as we did not meet your expectations as our players. We contacted Steam about this, as well as changing Early Access from Buy to Play to Free to Play. Unfortunately, we were denied and informed that we would not be able to automatically refund players. We were also informed that the Early Access of the game could not be changed to Free to Play due to how close it was to its initial release.

However, we have found a solution.

Starting today, all players interested in Second Wave will be offered a free “demo” version of the game, which will provide the full experience of the game and connect with all players from the normal “official” version. Due to the inability to refund players who purchased the Early Access version, we have decided to send 10,000 Crystals to all players who purchased the Early Access version of Second Wave as a token of our appreciation – this includes any player who wishes to purchase the Early Access version of Second Wave during this transition period. During the transition, the paid Early Access version will remain available until the end of the month. Players who wish to purchase Early Access as a form of support will be able to do so – the Crystal gift will only be given once per account.

To commemorate the launch of the free-to-play Early Access, the game will continue to offer its ongoing event, rewarding players with up to 2,800 Crystals ($30 USD value). The event will be part of the normal $30 version, and will not be offered to free players.

The Early Access Period

During the Early Access period, we aim to improve the gameplay to make it a better experience for all of our players, and more importantly, we hope that our decision will allow you to play with your friends without any restrictions.

Thank you for your love for Second Wave, for your incredible feedback, and most importantly, for not giving up on us as a studio.

Thank you for being our Heroes

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